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We are a non-profit Chapter of the parent organization, Buick Club of America. Our purpose is to promote the antique Automobile hobby, Buicks in particular, and to promote the exchange of technical, historical, and parts knowledge in order to restore, maintain, and preserve our members’ automobiles. Also, to encourage social meetings and enjoy fellowship among our members as pertains to our Buick hobby.

Chartered in 2008, the current Chapter is actually a renewal of the original Mason-Dixon Chapter, which was discontinued in the mid-90s after the death of its founder, Dick Boyer. The present Chapter kept the original name in honor of Mr. Boyer.

Membership: Anyone can apply for membership in our Chapter. They need not own a Buick, but only have an interest in our marque. They must, however, be a member of or agree to join and keep a current membership in the parent club, the BCA (download a BCA Membership Application). Our dues are yearly, due and payable on January 1st of each year at a fee to be determined periodically by our membership. Anyone joining after July of any year will be credited with having paid the following years dues. Membership is for a family and will include significant other without charge. All family members will have voting privileges. Voting will be by show of hands, unless otherwise determined by the membership.

Business Meetings: Our business meetings will be held the last Sunday of the month, every other month starting with January of each year. By a vote of the membership at any ensuing meeting, this meeting date may be changed to a different date to accommodate the membership and our calendar of events. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the membership.

Officers: Our officers shall be Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor. Election of officers will be for a period of 2 years. There will be no limit on the number of terms each officer can serve. At various times, other committee chairmen can be designated to fill the needs of the club and its activities.

Newsletter: Our editor will publish a newsletter, “The Porthole”, at least 4 times each year. The date of this publication will attempt to be quarterly, but may be moved somewhat, in order to adequately publicize and cover our Chapter events, and more than 4 newsletters will be published if needed to cover chapter events. The newsletter will be an e-mail newsletter in order to keep down club expenses. Those members without e-mail will be mailed the newsletter by postal mail.

Logo: Our logo will be the Mason-Dixon logo, which was developed for our merchandise and club projects, or a reasonable facsimile of such.

BCA Restrictions: Our Chapter and its members will adhere to the rules and regulations of the parent BCA and its by-laws, as defined by our charter. These above items are presented in the back portion of the BCA roster issue. There is a section specifically related to Chapters there, and all rules are agreed to be followed by our Chapter and our membership. We will be a part of a region of Chapters, also as defined by the BCA, and work with those chapters for the common good.

Amendments: Any portion of the above by-laws may be amended by the membership by a 2/3 majority vote of members present at any meeting after it has been published in the club newsletter that a vote will be held.

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